PEN International welcomes five new PEN Centres

2 November 2018 – PEN International, the global association of writers dedicated to promoting literature and defending freedom of expression, is proud to welcome five new Centres to the PEN community. PEN Iraq, PEN Perth, PEN Moscow, PEN Cape Verde and PEN Guinea-Bissau were elected on 27 September 2018 at the 84th PEN International Congresshosted by PEN South India in Pune, India. 

Seventy-nine PEN Centres took part in this year’s PEN International Congress. The elections took place in accordance with the Constitution of PEN International. In Australia, PEN Perth joins the existing Melbourne PEN and Sydney PEN Centres, while in the Russian Federation PEN Moscow joins Russian PEN, St Petersburg PEN and Tatar PEN. As per PEN International’s Regulations, there can be up to five PEN Centres in each country. PEN Iraq was successfully relaunched after being closed in 2016, while PEN Cape Verde and PEN Guinea-Bissau are the first PEN Centres to be set up in these two countries. 

The PEN community is present in over 100 countries. While each Centre has its own focus and priorities – from campaigning for freedom of expression to pioneering education and literacy programmes – PEN Centres are voices for literature and freedom of expression in their respective countries and beyond. All vow to uphold the PEN Charter, whose principles have guided, unified and inspired PEN members for 70 years.

For more information about PEN Centres please click here.